How droughts are spelling disaster for Darjeeling tea

  Athar Parvaiz  Darjeeling: Famed for its taste and aroma, the Darjeeling Tea grown in the Himalayan foothills in west Bengal has been witnessing decline in production and exports because of frequent droughts, erratic rainfall and absenteeism of workers. Tea growers and researchers said that they are not hopeful about the future of Darjeeling Tea. […]

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India Seeks to Benefit from Pollution Reduction

Athar Parvaiz Paris/New Delhi, Dec. 12:  Efforts for forging a global agreement on reduction of greenhouse gases notwithstanding, India’s domestic situation has compelled the government to think of measures to control growing pollution from the transport industry and coal-fired power plants though it remains to be seen how swiftly these measures are implemented and how […]

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Paris Talks: Compensation for Disasters Seems Unlikely

Athar Parvaiz Paris, December 8:  If  the flood-hit people in Kashmir, Uttrakhand and Chennai think that they can expect international financial assistance under the Loss and Damage provision of a Paris agreement, their hopes are probably misplaced. Union Environment Minister Prakash Javadekar, has been repeatedly speaking about the devastating disasters many states in India had […]

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Harsh Climate Causes out-migration of Nomads

  Athar Parvaiz    Bihkit  Angmo’s family  in Kharnak area of the vast Changthang belt of Ladakh is one of the few families among Changpa pastoral nomads that have stayed back to rear Pashmina-producing goats. Over the past few years the unprecedented climatic variations — which didn’t only cause problems for the nomads but also […]

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Artificial Lake to be Blasted to Avert Disaster

Athar Parvaiz Following an on-ground survey by a high level team of National Disaster Management Authority (NDMA), the government has got a clear picture of the potential disaster created by a river-blockade which resulted due to a massive landslide in Ladakh’s Zanskar region. It has been learnt through reliable sources that the experts and the […]

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India Can Set Example of Clean Development: Expert

Athar Parvaiz India has a unique opportunity for being very innovative to ensure sustainable urbanization in its cities given that the country has seen reluctant urbanization so far, scientists and policy-makers concluded last week during the 15th Delhi Sustainable Development Summit (DSDS), an annual event organized by The Energy and Research Institute (TERI). They agreed […]

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Scientific Visualisation Can Save the Planet: Foresman

Athar Parvaiz Capturing the visualization technology and reprogramming the brain for innovation would not only help saving the planet from impacts of climate change, but would also make fortunes of the world’s population whose wisdom hasn’t been tapped effectively,  says Tim Foresman, former chief scientist at the UN Environment Programme and the man behind Google […]

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