How droughts are spelling disaster for Darjeeling tea

  Athar ParvaizĀ  Darjeeling: Famed for its taste and aroma, the Darjeeling Tea grown in the Himalayan foothills in west Bengal has been witnessing decline in production and exports because of frequent droughts, erratic rainfall and absenteeism of workers. Tea growers and researchers said that they are not hopeful about the future of Darjeeling Tea. […]

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Securing Saffron Against Dry Spells

Kashmiri saffron, famous for offering the best quality in the world, is facing multiple constraints including the gravest challenge posed by the frequently occurring extreme events related to climate change. Due to the slump in quality because of fake saffron in the market prices have almost halved since 2009 from 2.7 lac (US$6,000) per kilogram […]

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