Ending Energy Poverty Through Payment of Ecosystem Services

Athar Parvaiz Dehradun, January 25, 2015:  Seeking an end to energy poverty in mountain areas where people lack access to modern energy, scientists have argued that the governments and the people living in plains should pay the people living in mountains for the ecosystem services of mountains enjoyed downstream. The scientists were expressing their views […]

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Securing Saffron Against Dry Spells

Kashmiri saffron, famous for offering the best quality in the world, is facing multiple constraints including the gravest challenge posed by the frequently occurring extreme events related to climate change. Due to the slump in quality because of fake saffron in the market prices have almost halved since 2009 from 2.7 lac (US$6,000) per kilogram […]

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Seabuckthorn Can Boost Ladakh’s Economy

Leh, January, 23: Researchers and Ladakhi farmers say that they should not only rely on tourism, but should also have a sustainable agricultural livelihood option for them. They argue that Ladakh has got agricultural potential which needs to be tapped with the help of experts.   For example, the experts say that sea-buckthorn, which grows […]

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